February 17, 2009

Chinese Fortune Tellers are saying that in this year of the Ox, Dogs are going to be in trouble.

So, from my prolonged pain (until today!) of my extracted wisdom tooth, to having a great, mighty fall in the shower last night, where I hit my back bad at the toilet bowl and my right hip is now an ugly rainbow color, I guess I can await a lot more accidents for the rest of the year?

As if I believed in all that….

My post-Wii Sports muscle sore is not cured yet. I’ve been rubbing some ointment on my right arm already. But oh, yesterday’s shower fall didn’t help much either, I think I twisted my arm a bit.

The weather has decided to turn for the worse… agh… it’s humid, it’s wet, it’s eerily chilly. I had to buy a box and those de-humidifyer mini-boxes to put my camera inside.  I hope that’d keep the lense from getting humid inside!

oh, my back, it hurts………….


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