March 6, 2009

Finally, it’s another Friday!

Dad won a new phone from his Spring Dinner, but it’s too fancy and new for him, so right now I’m trying out the phone for him. The thing is, I’m beginning to like this phone so much I want to keep it XD. I guess the only down side is the phone being a little slow. If I could switch off the auto orientation thing, then it’d be great, and I won’t have to wait for the phone to switch the orientation of the phone screen.

oh, and the phone in question is the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. I’m starting to like the whole touch screen thing and it makes me look sophisticated. haha, talk about being shallow…

I went to the Portuguese consulate to get my National card and my consulate registration renewed. Apparently, my consulate registration expired some 4 years ago and my national card expired last year, without my knowing anything about it! Hopefully I’ll get my national card in June or July, then I could start the renewal process of my Portuguese Passport as well. Ah, bureaucracy. How annoying.

It was raining cats and dogs this morning, and my feet were toally swimming in my shoes. But good thing I brought some tea with me, so now I’m enjoying my after-lunch hot tea to warm myself and to make me feel slightly more awake. I was hit by a particularly strong snooze-spell just now, and really just felt like dropping down and sleep away… gah!


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