March 13, 2009



でも、何々奥井雅美のコンサートとライブへ行きたい。Birth Liveへ、毎年のライブへ、どちらほうも行きたい。今日はBirth Live ’09 AKASHA、このイベントが、もちろん、行きたい。でも私はまだここに…


My J-music idol since High School is Okui Masami. Today is her birthday. I used to be in the official fanclub “MaBIC” for a few years. But then due to some sort of miscommunication and my inability to understand the correspondence, my membership expired even though I had submitted the yearly membership fee.

Even though right now, I’d like to join again, I don’t think it’s worth it. All the flyers, activities are for within Japan anyway, I’d hardly find a way to join their festivities anyway. So, I decided to not join anymore…

However, it is still one of my dream and target to attend any of Okui Masami’s live concerts, either her yearly album concert or her Birth Live ones.

Later today will be her Birth Live ‘09 AKASHA concert… of course, I really wanna go, but I’m stuck here. hm…

Perhaps, next year. I will go. I hope so!!


Happy Birthday, Makkun!


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  1. My idol in high school was Yuko Asano. That shows how old I am! LOL

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