Hectic Week

March 20, 2009

It has been a hectic week this week. I’m beat!

I’m looking forward to relaxing in the weekend and getting re-energized…!!!

Maybe I’m getting old??

I was rummaging around my old books and I found some books a friend had sent over before. This included a children’s picture book of かぐや姫, a Japanese folklore tale. Apparently, my level isn’t enough to read a children’s picture book. But I’m slowly trying to overcome that by writing everything down and reading the book over and over again!

I’m listening to Keane’s first album, Hopes and Fears. I think their first album is way better than their third and newest album, Symmetry.

Jenny’s trying to get me to go to China on Sunday. I’ll see how rested up I am.

I really need to go sleep, although it’s just a little after 11pm. But I’m yawning so much and I feel I might fall asleep standing up too.

See ya all then~ bye~


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