Spring Cleaning! 大掃除します!

March 21, 2009

Today is the first day of Spring, right? That’s why I decided to do some major cleaning!

Major goodies I found in my cleaning… 掃除するときに探した物がたくさんです。


I wrote yesterday I found 2 Kaguya-hime books? These are the 2 books I was talking about. I finally spent some time to read the children’s book and there’s only one line that I don’t understand. So it’s progress, I presume!


I also found my first phone’s manual (it’s so old, like… almost 10 years ago! And the UNO brings back memories… we used to play so much UNO at University back then…!!


oh yeah, I was a minor Sailor Moon fan back then too.  It wasn’t that much of those trading cards, but back then, I did spend way too much money on these. Now I just think, how silly was I back then?


This was such a meaningful gift! Carol made this for me in around… Form 3 I think. This is Gourry from Slayers. But the clay is getting soft, I don’t think this could stand for more than a few years…


This is cute. The chickens move XD

I only know my Mom bought this somewhere in China.



This is a Gundam piggy bank I got from a video game shop shopkeeper, after my part time there. When you put a coin in, the Gundam will say something (I have no idea what he says though…)



This also brought back some memories… These are my old notebooks from University Japanese classes! I used some Nakayoshi inserts and posters to wrap my notebooks, just so I would be more interested! I couldn’t believe how advanced I used to be in Japanese before! Practice really makes perfect… I don’t practice enough nowadays…
これも懐かしいですね!超懐かしい!古い日本語のノート・ブックです。大学で日本語の勉強は本当に楽しそうですね。いつでも「なかよし」にのポスターと挿入物を使って、ノート・ブックを包みました。以前私は日本語が本当に上手でしたね。大学でいつも練習しましたからと思います。今一人で復習すること、退屈な…(-。-;) でも、続かなければなりません!がんばります!ゴー・ゴー・ゴー~!!


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