April 3, 2009

After being confined in bed for a day, I’m feeling better, and am at work again! yay~! Well, at the expense of currently having a pseudo-cold-war of sorts with my Mom… she’s been forcing me to down some really weird chinese herbal soups (you don’t want to know what’s inside) and I think it’s because of that that I’ve gotten sick yesterday. ewe….

April will be… a busy month I guess? I’ll be on a training thing from work, and will have to stay a night in Zhuhai. I wonder how everything will work out to be.

Spent the last few days playing Cooking Mama 2 on the DS… unlocked all recipes… it’s so tiring to play that. I’m sure it’s even worse if I played that on the Wii.

I need to make a photo post soon!


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