Tuesday Off

April 7, 2009

There’s much I’d like to say about what happened lately… I will draft that later tonight but right now I need to get the old stuff posted… kakaka!

27032009078Finally! I’m now on book 2 of Minna no Nihongo! I’ve started a few exercises already, and yes, it’s getting harder, but it’s all slowly coming back to me too. I guess for now, I need to train my vocabs more than anything else. There’s alot of practicing I need to do because I could understand a Kanji but have no idea how it’s read in Japanese and I have a hard time actually writing the kanji by hand. That’s what knowing some Chinese can do to you.

27032009075Oh, I guess you haven’t had the chance to see him yet, right? this is Keroro Gunso! The big Keroro plushie I got for my God-son. There really is a reason for getting him this… his Dad, (my cousin) is a big Gundam fan… so giving him this, is like… I dunno, some kind of sarcastic remark since Keroro likes Gundam to a ridiculous degree.

And yes, my cousin was a little annoyed. Wakakakaka!!!

25032009073Lastly, I went for a bit of shopping the other day and got this Clinique Mascara. Yay~ Clinique has this new formula where it’s waterproof but you can wash out with warm water. Very convenient and my lashes really get extended a lot! I used to only use freebie mascaras from any brand, but this is the first one that I really decided to up and go buy one.

Well, that’s it for today, next post expect something really heartbreaking! (Like I said, I’ll be preparing that a bit after this)


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