捨てられたワンちゃん Abandoned Dog

April 8, 2009

05042009108怒った、怒った、怒った!!! I’m really angry!

どうしてマカオの人はこんな無情な!?こんな残酷な人が大嫌い! Why can there be such heartless of people in Macau!? I hate these cruel people!

日曜日にお父さんはペッピーとメニナと散歩するとき、この可哀相な犬が見た。色々車も速いに動いて、このワンちゃんもびくびくに道で歩いています。もしお父さんはこの犬を運ばない、事故があると思います。 On Sunday, my Dad was walking the dogs and he saw this poor dog. There were many cars going about, and it was obvious that this dog was walking around, scared. If my Dad had not carried the dog away, there might have been an accident.

05042009107 獣医をもう見た。本当に可哀相です。 Already brought him to a vet. It’s really a poor thing.

  • 北京ミックス犬 Pekinese mix
  • 免許証がない Not licensed
  • 男性 Boy
  • 白色と茶色 White and brown colours
  • 歯が三つだけ only 3 teeth left
  • 年を取って – 10歳以上 old age – over 10 years!
  • 白内障になる starting to develop cataracts
  • 皮の病気がある severe skin disease
  • 05042009104 たくさん他の病気…日本語でどう書いてが知らない And several other things like (dunno how to say in Japanese)
  • Swollen left hind leg (due to skin problems)
  • Right front leg is deformed due to old fracture not properly mended
  • Rash and injury at right ear
  • Tail is fur-less (due to skin problems)
  • It’s skin and bones

05042009106 今このワンちゃんは家族が「じいちゃん」(爺ちゃん)を呼んでいます。じゃあ、今、ベッドがあって、1日に食事は3回があって、スナックもたくさんで、王族のようにですね! Well, the dog is now commonly called “Gramps” at home (or variations in other languages, like Avô and Opa). I guess this dog is like royalty now… it’s got a bed, 3 meals a day, and lots of snacks!!


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