本共進会 Book Fair

April 10, 2009


今日はイースターの「Good Friday」っと言う祭日ですから、マカオに休日です。月曜日は「Easter Monday」っと、香港に休日です。でも、私が働いて会社は休日がありません。

It’s Easter and supposedly we get Good Friday off and Hong Kong gets Easter Monday off. But, well, where I work, there is no such thing as off :/


But my colleague suggested that we take the afternoon off anyway, so I went to the book fair that I heard was going on. I bought a magazine on the Canon EOS 1000D and also a Chinese Slayers novel. I never thought I’d buy a Chinese novel… will I be able to read it? Only time will tell…


Oh yeah. the Ferrets from Sis. I don’t like them, but sometimes they’re cute.


They came all the way from Austria, and luckily the weather here is not too bad for them.


Just went with a stroll with Mom and passed by the Tourist Office. I snagged this Macau Pia Magazine in Japanese.

内はX JapanのYOSHIKIをインタビューがあります。

There’s an interview with X Japan’s Yoshiki inside!


This weekend I’ve got a lot of materials to practice on! yay!


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