Gathering with Sister Marie

April 19, 2009


I usually wouldn’t be posting photos of people but I think this is too memorable not to… That would be (from left) my sister, Sr, Marie, and me. 
普通は、人の写真をポストしない、でもこれは本当に印象的な!写真に(左から)、お姉さん、Sr. Marie、と私。

On 18 April 2009, we had a dinner gathering with Sr. Marie. She was our primary school principal, and everyone loved her very much. We still do! It’s been 14 years since I’ve seen her… I remember there was a gathering a few years back too, but then I wasn’t able to join then.
2009年、4月18日は、Sr. Marie (シスター・マリー) といっしょに集会します。Sr. Marie は小学の校長でした。みんなも彼女を大好き。

IMG_7752 IMG_7753 IMG_7754

I was very lucky that in this gathering I got a prize! It’s this… container thingie. It’s not Made in China, which is what makes this so special.

We sang the school song (it was really hard, it has been over 15 years not singing that!) We took photos, we found old friends… it was a really nice gathering…


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