Training in China

April 24, 2009

I was shipped off to Zhuhai, China for a 2-day training… it was really tiring, as it was mainly a team building and games-based affair… It would have been more comfortable if I simply went to work as normal.

But the hotel was really nice! Lookie look! Hover over the photo for descriptions.

Lobby Chandelier Looking down to the Lobby Lounge, from the second floor restaurant Some strange structure outside the hotel

the bathroom is connected to the room not just through the door, but also through the wardrobe!! I had to joke with my colleague "do not peek!" Enjoying the nice setting and atmosphere of the hotel room

The meals provided were OK… well… it’s still China so the food wasn’t exceptionally good… but as long as your expectations aren’t high up in the air, then you wouldn’t be too much let down.

The evening was spent chatting with my roommate and then by 11.30-ish we decided to call it a night, since the training itself did take a lot out of us.

The breakfast was another funny affair since in my not-quite-awake state I totally forgot about Chinese Food Possibilities and managed to take a piece of bread I thought was a Poppy-seed bun to be a Red-Bean-Paste-in-Poppy-Seed-Bun. Which was one word simply: YUCK.

Anyway, the experience was nice, but I’m dead tired, and I should go sleep!!


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