Book: Tell Me Where It Hurts

June 4, 2009

Tell Me Where It HurtsTell Me Where It Hurts
By Dr. Nick Trout
ISBN: 978-0751542660
Amazon.co.uk Link

This book had me hooked right from the first page. It was really a novelty for me to be looking at Pets from this angle – from the angle of the vet. There are many points that were brought up, that I do agree on but sadly most local vets here do not adhere to. It’s a little sad, no?

In this book, we get a glimps of the life of various dogs – how their owners feel for them, and how the vet thinks. There are some flashbacks, there are some suppositions. There are successful cases, there are sad, unhappy cases. But these are all part of what happens everyday, in any animal hospital, to any vet, I suppose.

Strangely, it was only the most beginning part of the book that made me cry. Over the course of the rest of the book, i was able to keep my emotions in check. Was the emotions not strong enough? Or had I adapted myself to the sadness? Or perhaps the book really lightens up in the end?

Recommended to all animal lovers.



No worries, the London posts will continue, I just thought I’d add this book here before I forget about it 🙂 I’m trying my hardest to right another post about London already!


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