The Trip To London – May 2009 – Part 2

June 4, 2009

The work continues for me, as I intend to finish typing about this trip!

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Day 4: 26 May 2009

I was really intent on sending out my postcards on this day, as we weren’t getting anywhere that I really wanted to go. We headed off in search of a post office, and we did find one! But we had to ask for directions. After getting all my mailings done, we went to Baker Street, originally intending to go to the Sherlock Holme’s Museum, but alas, the weather was quite good and there were road-signs saying bus to the Zoo was available. We hopped on a bus, but very soon found out we went on a bus that was going on the opposite direction from where we wanted to go.
あの日に、ハガキを送りたいでした。それなら、郵便局を探した。でも、迷路でした…かっこいい兄さんが案内しました。後で、Baker Street へ行きました。Sherlock Holmes 博物館へ行きたいけど、ミーちゃんは動物園のサインを見たから、動物園のバス停で行った。


After discussing with the driver, we hopped on the next bus and managed to reach the London Zoo with no other fuss. As far as Zoos go, London Zoo was still a zoo, nothing special to it. But we managed to find a water boat ride, and headed off to Camden Town, not exactly knowing just what it is.
でも、違ってバスを乗った。最後に、動物園へ行った。何特別のことがないと思います。動物園は、動物園です。私は船のTripを見たから、船を乗るみたいでした!どこへ、私たちもわからなかったから、わくわくの旅でしたね!Camden Town についた!


It was a surprise find, as we hadn’t read about this place in any of the guide books we took with us. It was an old Stable and Horse Hospital, that was being refurbished into a Market. Really interesting! But roaming around for a bit, we soon tired ourselves out, so we decided to hop on a bus to get back into the city.
Camden Town はとても面白いです。以前は馬小屋でした、今はマーケットです。たくさん馬の人形があります。ここで、日本人の兄さんは「あの、写真を撮ってますか?お願い」って、もちろんできる!Funny Photo が欲しい兄さんは写真で、馬はあの人を食べます。爆笑ですね!

Shopped a bit at Boots, and also at a place called Crabtree & Evelyn. Interesting places, and I managed to get Mom a mirror that enlarges your view by 12x!

Dinner was a nicer affair – it was a Turk dinner, and personally, I enjoyed it lots! But M wasn’t too appreciative of the spices in the food. More food for me then. Turkish Beer also tasted slightly more bitter than the beers I’m used to.

27052009294 27052009296


Day 5: 27 May 2009

Rest assured, if you think everything in London is too expensive to survive, you are wrong. There are just as many take out places as there are coffee shops here. One place that we ended up frequenting was the Marks and Spencer Food section. The sandwiches were great, and you get a free drink with it. I tried a salad too but it wasn’t as good.
ロンドンで、どこも高いから、コーヒーショップのTake Awayは大切です!Marks and Spencer のサンドイッチはとても美味しいです!

This was the day we went to the Tower Hill, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Southwark Cathedral, and St. Paul’s Cathedral.
この日は、ロンドンのタワーヒール、タワー橋、Southwark 大教会、と St. Paul 大教会へ。


Day 6: 28 May 2009

This was a really early day for us! It was our tour to Salisbury, Stonehenge, and Roman Baths! We did go to these places, and they were all wonderful! The tour guide Mel and the driver Andy made us laugh so much! What about London’s largest industry is tourism, although it used to be Finance up until November 2008, and that now he’s not so sure…
もっと早いに起きた、あの日!どうしてかな?ツアーがあったから!Salisbury, Stonehenge, と Bath へ。

Tour guide also pointed to us the Jane Austen residence while at Bath. Then he also pointed out places where Johnny Depp and Nicholas Cage bought apartments in Bath too. But I don’t think I’ll be taking his word for that.

It was dinner at the Spaghetti House, and it was aweful!
晩御飯はThe Spaghetti House で、美味くないでした!


Day 7: 29 May 2009

We had a late morning on this day, as we headed off to Buckingham Palace (again) to try to catch a glimpse of the Changing of the Guard Ceremony. We caught that well enough, but we didn’t really see anything much, except for the horses and the marching. We walked all over the way again to Westminster to see Big Ben for the second time, and also headed off to the London Eye which was just opposite there.
あの日に、もう一度Buckingham Palace へ。今回、天気が最高!でも、いろいろな人があったから、何も見えなかった。これ後は、ロンドン・アイで!

You can probably cook yourself inside the London Eye if it’s nice sunshine like what we had on that day… it was stuffy, hot, and I’m sure I got my sunburn here! After the 20-minute ride, we decided to head off to Covent Garden, and finally back to Selfridges to help my Dad get his mini cotton candy machine.
あのロンドン・アイの内には通風がない…太陽も強い…焼き物になりましたぁぁぁっ~!Covent Garden でも行った。ホテルへ戻って時は、Selfridgesってデパートで、綿菓子機を買った、お父さんのために。彼はいつも綿菓子機が欲しいです!


Day 8: 30 May 2009

M decided to stay in the hotel for the morning and so I headed off on my own out. It was nice to be out and about being selfish about where you wanted to go and having total control of when to cross the street and when to stand and look.

I encountered a strange man who spoke gibberish to me and I even had the stupid courage to ask him what he’s speaking. I suddenly remembered that it’s a little dangerous to be talking to strangers so I went ahead on my way. Checking my things, nothing was amiss, and I headed happily off to Regent’s Park – a park that I fell in love with.
変な男を見た。でも大丈夫、私は逃げた!Regent’s Park でたくさん写真を撮った!

There were so many animals wondering around this park – freely! The ducks, the swans, the geese… people taking their dogs out… pigeons, crows, ravens… even squirrels! Squirrels that weren’t afraid of people! There was one squirrel that came up to me, probably looking for food, I guess.


And finally, I reached the place that I really wanted to go to since day 1: The Sherlock Holmes Museum. yay! FINALLY! Oh, there were so many things in there… books, puzzles, caps, bookmarks… and the museum was interesting too! I had a grand time in there!
最後はSherlock Holmes博物館!私は子供のときの夢はHolmes の家を見たいでしたね!

Making a detour because there were a group of football fans doing who-knows-what, I stumbled upon another park, and in the end decided to return to the hotel for checking out. Met up with M, checked out, asked the reception to help us get a taxi for 17.00 that evening, and off we went in search of lunch. After lunch, having nothing much to do, we again went to Hyde Park to kill time…
じゃあ、チェック・アウト時間から、チェック・アウトの後で、ランチしましたと、もう一度、Hyde Parkで少し休みました。

When we were at the airport, we found plenty of books! And of course, I bought 2 books, and am cackling over one of them already.



There isn’t much to say regarding the journey back, except for terrible flight experience.

Like I said before, there are more photos at my Flickr Album which I’m still continuously updating!
じゃあ、Flickr で、もっともっと写真があります!



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  2. group of football fans + may 30 = most likely fa cup final.lol

    and i always though baker street doesn’t exist

  3. こんちは!

    • でもロンドンの人はみんなもとても親切です!

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