Le Countdown: 7 Days

June 29, 2009

(≧▽≦) Counting down 7 days to my parents going on 船 Holiday 飛行機

Then, we can have the apartment for our own. I wonder if there will be any more mishaps for this year’s home alone? This time I intend to try my hand at cooking – I plan to whip up some simple dishes! I’ll probably also take this chance to clean up the wardrobe more – you know, whenever I clean the wardrobe my mom will always be picking stuff after me asking “Just why are you trashing this!?” I need to clean up when nobody will be stopping me from trashing stuff from more than 10 years ago and that I wouldn’t miss either way.


One comment

  1. i also know sometimes this year my parents are gonna travel, i just dont know when. i’ve already have a list of things tt i wanna do once they fly away lol

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