Sunday Baking 日曜日の焼く

July 12, 2009

Today I baked… quite a lot! 今日は忙しかったね!ケーキとクッキーを焼いた!


I baked a batch of Cookies, a Cake, and a batch of Banana Biscotti for Dogs 🙂 クッキー、ケーキ、とワンちゃんのビスコッティ。

For the cookies, I just used a basic sugar cookie recipe. It was from somewhere off the internet (forgot where). But I didn’t follow it entirely. I used only 3/4 of the sugar and added some chocolate chips to it. Came out OK! ALTHOUGH I guess I could have made them a little more flat. Will post recipe if someone wants it (the original one, not my mucking around one). クッキーは普通のレシピを使った。


I forgot to snag a photo of the cake though. It’s a “Bolo Leque”, which I assume is the “Fan Cake”? Apparently Google Translate says it’s “Range Cake”. I didn’t even know Leque had a second meaning… lol ケーキの写真が撮る忘れた。でもポルトガルの「ボロ・レッケ」と言う。

The cake came out quite good, but I probably should have ignored the instruction of adding the butter last. I should have added the butter before mixing in the snow. The cake sunk down half-way baking it. I guess that’s what you get for a cake that doesn’t use baking powder and baking soda, relying only on the snow to get it fluffy! あのケーキは美味しかったね!成功ね!ヤッホー~!

The Banana Biscotti came out, I suspect, a failure! But after Googling some photos apparently biscottis do look like that *shrug* 実は、あのビスコッティが失敗と思った。でも他のビスコッティの写真を見る後は、これも成功だろう!


I also tweaked the recipe again – because there are just some ingredients that we simply couldn’t get here. I had to use almonds instead of peanuts because there simply isn’t unsalted or unprocessed peanuts around town here. Since I made half a recipe only, I guess my calculations were off a bit, it would taste better if I added half a banana more. And then the killer was the vegetable oil. I didn’t want to buy a bottle of plain veggie oil since I only needed one-eighth of a cup… so I used the veggie oil we had at home… it had a tiny amount of olive oil in it… and now the biscotti has this strange olive oil taste… LOL… マカオに、たくさん材料も買えないから、レシピが少し変わられなければなりませんね…

Again, it’s something off the net but I forgot where. There were a number of interesting recipes that I wanted to make too, sadly, we just don’t have cornmeal here, and I have no idea what a boilian is. Wiki search and google isn’t helping me decipher it either. ネットで、たくさんレシピも焼きみたい、でも材料の問題…じゃあ、もし特別の材料を見る、もちろん買わなければなりません!


But it really hasn’t stopped the dogs from liking it! Peppie’s so eager to eat it! I’ll post the recipe if someone wants it. とにかく、ペッピーちゃんがこのビスコッティが好きだ!幸いですね!



材料 - ざいりょう
失敗 - しっぱい
成功 - せいこう


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