Fake OmuRaisu

July 18, 2009

Behold! the kat cooked!

Well, I tried to make an Omuraisu (Omelet Rice) but as the saying goes, “You can tell whether a chef is good by how he does eggs”, and well, I’m a poor chef!

The fried rice part was easy enough, but the omelet part was hilarious… #1, I used a pan that was too small, with that amount of rice, I couldn’t fold the omelet in half to make it an omelet with rice inside, #2, perhaps I used too much rice, #3, perhaps I used too much egg too.

When I was making the omelet I tried to flip it like how my Dad does, but a first time egg-fryer shouldn’t attempt what a professional chef does. No, it didn’t stick to the ceiling, and it didn’t fall on the ground. It just didn’t flip. I folded it then, and had to stop all cooking and use a fork and the spatula thingie to open it again. But practice makes perfect, the second one I was able to maneuver it and sort of flip it.

18072009454 18072009453

What came out wasn’t Omuraisu. It was fried rice topped with fried egg. Well, at least Sis said it was good! *phew*

I think I now know why I prefer baking rather than cooking. In baking, you can mix everything together. You can make mistakes, but you can make amends by adjusting the ingredients just as you like. When everything is done then you put it in the oven to cook, no pressure at all! But with cooking! It’s like you’re timed to fry the onions, and you’re timed to fry the bell peppers, you can’t overcook what is there, but at the same time you have to keep a lookout to see when to add in the tomatoes!

Anyway, it was fun, but I doubt I’d do it again. Says the kat who plans to make pancakes tomorrow morning.


oh, and the book fair was trashy. No good at all. I read a children’s book on Mr. Louis Braille, which was interesting, and the rest of the books were nothing special. And they claimed this year they’ve got 100 English book publishers here, instead of the usual 60. Oh well, yeah, there were a lot of “HOW TO PERFECT YOUR ENGLISH GRAMMAR” sort of books, but that’s not what I was looking for.

I was amused by Berlitz’s new iPod phrase-kit. But I didn’t buy it. If I were to buy a Berlitz again, I’d like to find the Berlitz Japanese I got when I got my first computer (so many years ago!) It was fun! You learnt the lessons, then the quizzes are set in the Tokyo subways a la monopoly-ish style, get a correct answer and you go on the correct train, get a wrong answer and you go on another train to another station. oh, those days were so much fun for me! 🙂


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