Macau, Macau, and Macau

July 25, 2009

Today was HOT! Hot and humid! 今日は暑い、暑い、とても、ものすごく、蒸し暑いでした!

I had to work today, so when all was done, I went to central area to have a look around, when I passed by the Tourist Office, and so I decided to go in and get the current issue of Macau Pier. I had a late lunch while going over it.


Well, recently I read an interview/article in the Macau Daily Times about the author of Macau Nohohon, Ms. Misa Kawata. (MDT 22 July Cover Link / Article Link), and something she said about Macau Pier made me want to see for myself if it’s true or not – and apparently it is! In Macau Pier, everything is just about casinos, posh hotels, and posh restaurants. In fact, there is nothing “homely” with the articles and ads in Macau Pier!  Of course that’s not Macau!
理由は、最近、新聞「Macau Daily Times」で「マカオのほほん」の川田美沙さんインタビューを読みましたから。このインタビューに、川田さんが行ったこと:マカオピアは「マカオはカジノだけ」と思います。 それから、マカオピアを読みました。実は、これは本当です!マカオピアノ中に、全部のエッセイもカジノとぜいたくなレストランだけ・・・これは、もちろんマカオじゃない!


I bought my first Macau Nohohon in April (or was it March?) when I was taking a tourist friend around town :3 I had wanted to practice more of my Japanese reading comprehension, but up till now I still haven’t properly opened that guide to break down the sentence structures yet 😛

IMG_7955 IMG_7954

Right, so after my late lunch of Caesar Salad and Iced Mocchachino, I continued to walk around town, and I decided to show you this photo of a local “cafe”, 九記. Very traditional, and this has Macau’s best home-made ice cream! (Well, second only to my Dad’s, but he’s not selling his ice cream, so that’s just family privilege!) The ice cream + soda is a must try. I’m talking about this place because I see a Haagen Dazs just down 2 shops. I’m a bit worried of the competition, but I think this place will persevere.
この遅いランチの後で、中区で散歩することが続きました。この「九記」カフェのことを書きたい。古い、古いカフェですね!子供のときから知っていました。マカオ一番の自家製アイスクリームを作ります!(あの、実は、本気のマカオ一番の自家製アイスクリームは、父の!でも父はアイスクリームを売れない・・・) このカフェのアイスクリームソダはとても美味しいですね!でも、このカフェの近くに、新しいHaagen Dazsの店が開きます。心配ですね!でも多分大丈夫と思います。

25072009469The MDT interview mentions that there will be 4 issues of Macau Nohohon, and I am looking forward to collecting them all!

Meanwhile, I have to go back practicing more Japanese! Don’t forget I’m going to Osaka in September~!


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