Hong Kong Day 1: Shopping & Ani-Con

August 2, 2009

I guess this post will mainly be a photo dump… there’s too much to say, but at the same time, so little to say!

IMG_8993First class Jetfoil breakfast… not that bad! But had I known I could exchange for a sandwich I’d have done so immediately!

First stop, as usual, at H&M, J and I got some new clothes, I was mainly looking for things I could wear to work and also wear in the weekends. My wardrobe is simply too extreme right now, it’s either work stuff or weekend stuff.

IMG_8995 After a trip to HMV and Marks and Spencer, we decided we had too much time in our hands, and off we went to the Hong Kong Ani-Con.

It was… a huge comic and goodies store… with alot of cosplayers walking around. hm… I guess, if I went to an Anime Convention 10 years ago, I’d have gone crazy and run everywhere like mad, but now, I wasn’t overly impressed. hm… well, I went all fangirl gaa-gaa when I saw the HUGE Hetalia ヘタリア poster but aside from that…

Hover over the photos for a description (if any)

テニプリ! Teni Puri :3 マグナ・カータ Magna Carta ダーレン・シャン? Darren Shan manga, lol

ヘタリア Hetalia, enough said! ヘタリア~ もっとヘタリア~

ヘタリア~ ヘタリアのコース・プレー

Dr. Slump! Husky?

Saint Seiya Cosplay! Cosplay Cosplay


I don’t think I’d be going to any other Anime Convention for the sole purpose of going. It’s fun and interesting, but I guess I don’t get the whole fanatic scheme of things. I might go to one if I happen to pass by, or a friend asked me to go because she/he’s cosplaying, but er, nah… too crowded for me.

I’m more of this sort of scenery type:

IMG_9052 IMG_9043

Oh, and I shopped for a shopping bag from the Hong Kong SPCA :3

IMG_9054 IMG_9053


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