Hong Kong Day 2: Pet and Accessory Expo

August 2, 2009

My second day to Hong Kong was mainly for the Pet and Accessory Expo. I saw so many dogs! I was so happy to see all these happy pets =^^=

There was also a pedigree competition, but after watching the BBC Pedigree Dogs Exposed documentary, I was a little  wary of watching for too long.

I present to you lots of cutesy doggie photos! :3 No descriptions this time as I was just snapping my camera anyhow XD

IMG_9086 IMG_9062 IMG_9065 IMG_9074

IMG_9069 IMG_9061 IMG_9071 

IMG_9076 IMG_9084 IMG_9085

I did some shopping too! Bought lots of doggie snacks, and I also sampled a canned dog food! I was just looking at the canned food descriptions when the lady handed me a fork saying “TRY!” so, er… yeah, I ate dog food… it was quite good, if you ask me! It was all natural and human edible ingredients, so it was OK.

IMG_9090 And look at this baby, I decided to live up to my name and got this cat necklace. I now have a doggie necklace (thanks to J who gave me that as a birthday gift!) and cat necklace :3

So, as you can imagine, I’m beat… and this morning I still had to wake up early >.<;; but anyway, everything went quite well and there’s nothing to complain about! yippie!

And thus endeth my 2-day trip to Hong Kong. Ciao and till later!



  1. that’s a nice necklace! (:

    • oh yeah, you like cats too! (I see from your icon :3)
      I’m usually a dog person but I thought I should get something that goes with my name 😀

  2. cats are my most favorite. i do like dogs. husky and wolves, in exact. but i think they deserve to be free and wild than kept as pets. (:

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