Asus Laptop Battery

August 4, 2009

eh… a few months back, my Laptop got inundated by the dripping air con in my room! I think I’ve written how miraculously the Laptop survived the ordeal *touchwood*.

Except for the battery. It’s not charging. Well, the charging light is always on, but the battery life forever goes dwindling… down… slowly… so I just trashed it somewhere in a drawer, since I figured I only use the laptop at home anyway. And the shop said if I am to buy a new battery, I might as well buy a new laptop. Noooooo. It’s not just the money, or the files inside… it’s how this laptop has so EPICLY survived 2 virus attacks, 2 air con rainings and then another virus attack. My other PCs died instantly!.

Yesterday while doing some Spring Summer Cleaning, I found the battery again. When I stashed it it was at a constant 83%… now I put it on again, it’s at a constant 42%. I don’t really need the battery, but I’m seriously considering getting a replacement… or maybe not.

Why am I posting absolutely nothing useful today?

Typhoon #8 hoisted right now. At night. It’s the second typhoon in a row that’s visiting us at night.

I’m going to read a book.


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  1. How I found great laptop bargains…

    As mentioned on “Asus Laptop Battery « escapades of th…”…

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