AniMacau2009: The Great War

August 8, 2009

IMG_9098 Last night, I went to the opening show of the AniMacau2009. It’s titled “The Great War” and actually it is a miniature show being filmed live. Think watching Wallace and Gromit, but live. You see the creators walking around the stage, holding the camera, playing with angles to achieve different scenes in the same piece of “land”. What you see on the left is one such “prop” or “piece of land”.

IMG_9101 The production group is called Hotel Modern, from the Netherlands, and they played out the Second World War quite nicely. First giving us the background story and then for the actually war it was told from the point of view of (perhaps) a few people, though mainly from a soldier at war. On the right is an attempt to shoot the opening set, but for the production group’s ease of running across the stage, the props were piled all atop.

IMG_9103 I was really impressed with the sound production! The guy there not only made use of props and things to recreate sounds, he was even able to make the sound of wind by blowing into his hands! It was really spectacular!

There were a few bombings in the show, clever use of various cameras and switching scenes, and use of… erm… perhaps soap or shampoo to turn the soil into a marsh or something…

IMG_9097 Last but not least, the script, the actual things that were being said, was pretty clever as well. Where the soldier wrote his to his mom thanking her for the packages, but admonishing her that she should have thought of packing it better as the fruits now just looked more like melted sugar (or something along those lines). Well… he was on a battlefield, poor boy, of course the heat/commotion would some how damage the goods.

I also enjoyed watching from the screen to the props and the producers and see just what they are doing. It’s interesting to see on-screen and behind the scenes at the same time :3

I was very happy to see this show and am really grateful to my friend R who suggested watching this show. Thanks a lot! This was great!



  1. hi Kat,

    i see that you like the picture in my post Romanticide. it’s from a series called Pon & Zi by Jeff Thomas. you can see the whole series here.

    what i like about this series is that it is such a creepy-yet-sweet romance. =) my two most favorite are Grass (the one i posted) and Disfugured.

    have a nice day in Macau! (:

    • oh, same person! It’s a small world! :3

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