Photography Class

August 28, 2009

It’s confirmed! I’m going to take photography classes in September!

Too bad I’ll be missing 2 classes already… since I will be going off on holiday to Osaka.

But anyway, I’ll talk to the teacher then and see if I could do the “field trip” assignment on my own overseas… \(*o*)/ wonder if they’ll let me do that…?

I just hope their teaching materials (most probably in Chinese) won’t be too difficult to understand >.<""



  1. wah! you’re gonna take photography class and have holidays in Osaka. that’s great, Kat! have fun then! 😀
    looking forward to seeing the photos you’ll take in Osaka. 😀

    • thanks! Photos will be an absolute guarantee :3

  2. こんにちは!
    すごいです!I wonder how should be photography classes… あなたはこれを好きでしょうか?I hope you’re enjoying your classes ^^

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