August/September Photos 八・九月の写真

September 12, 2009

Today I’m posting some photos from August and September :3

05092009639Beard Papa は、日本で有名なシュ・クリーム店ですか?でもマカオのは・・・何々特別じゃないと思う。あのいちごぱっふは・・・うまくなかった。
I heard Beard Papa is some famous cream puff chain in Japan? Here in Macau, it’s nothing special. In fact, the strawberry puff I had was terrible >.<

There was a day I went to Coloanne Island and headed on to the Pousada of Cheok Van. It was a beautiful place to be! It has a scenic view of the Cheok Van Beach and also the mountains and forests of Coloanne Island.

06092009671このポウサダのレストランはバイキング・ランチがあります。食べ物はほとんどがポルトガル料理です。美味しかったね~~~ 毎日曜日もあったけど、チョックヴァンは遠くてね!
The restaurant at the pousada served a lunch buffet. The food were mainly Portuguese cuisine, and it was impeccable! Buffet lunch is served every Sunday, but Cheok Van is a bit far away to be going every week…

Recently, when I have no time at work, I’ll resort to having a sandwich from a nearby bakery. Macau’s sandwiches are a bit weak, I think. In England, if you eat a sandwich, you feel really full! Here? You’re still hungry after eating one…

And now, for the doggie photos! Lookie look! Vovo now looks so healthy! And Peppie always has this sleepy look, haha… and then, Menina is always sleeping on my bed… that’s not a good thing!

IMG_5293 IMG_5288 IMG_5263

IMG_5296 IMG_5238

Finally, Macau night scenes, and a random photo.




景色 – けしき
浜 – はま
夜景 – やけい
ほとんど – Almost


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  1. 谢谢你的comment!你的blog也很不错啊,得别照片拍得很美!


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