Osaka – September 2009 – Day 1

September 26, 2009

FLICKR PHOTOS – (at point of writing this, it’s up till around Day 4)


The day was a beautiful day! My dad drove me to the airport and on the way went to pick up my friend as well.


We arrived Osaka on time and immigration went by smoothly. At customs though, the Jii-san there started asking me questions! The conversation went something like this:
男の人: あの、日本語できますか?
キャット: うん、少しだけ・・・
男の人: 大阪に住んでいる場所がありますか?
キャット: 大阪福島駅の近く・・・ホステルで・・・
男の人: じゃあ、今度一人で?
キャット: えぇ・・・友達といっしょに、でも友達はどこにいるの?困ったな・・・
男の人: 多分もう出たこと?
キャット: うん、多分。
男の人: そうですね。これはオーストリアのパスポートですが、ビザが要りますか?
キャット: えっと、オーストリアはヨーロッパだから、要らないと思います。
男の人: じゃあ、でもオーストリアから来ますか?
キャット: いいえ、マカオから来ます。
男の人: あら?マカオとオーストリアは・・・?
キャット: さあ・・・お父さんはオーストリア人から、私もオーストリアのパスポートがあっても、
男の人: ああ!わかった!日本語上手です!
キャット: まあまあです。ありがとう~☆

What I don’t get is, this guy isn’t even the immigration officer. He’s just the customs luggage checking guy, and he in return asks me for visas and stuff. If I needed a visa and didn’t have one, I don’t think he’d ever have the chance to even see me passing through his station.

And thus started our journey from the airport to the city – in itself a whole exciting story to tell.

We had wanted to go on the 南海Railways to 新今宮 and then change to a JR train to 福島. That would have saved us some 15 minutes and 100yen. But the lady from 南海 just shoo-ed us off to JR. JR makes a ridiculous amount of stops on the way! But it was on the JR that we had to leave on…

This time Ton-chan was with me! 今度はトンちゃんがいっしょ!

After an hour (and some!) we finally reached our destination, JR福島駅… and the stroll down the lane to hunt out our hostel, the Osaka J-Hoppers. They’re actually not too bad and I enjoyed my stay there. Friend probably didn’t though heh 😉

Jenny working on the sheets

We had a tiny room in the 5th floor, with a mini balcony. Shared toilets and showers, but I think it was really nifty and a good way to save some space! I mean, we wouldn’t be needing the toilet 24hrs a day anyway.

Since it was late-ish, we had to go hunt for dinner. A 120yen train ride to 大阪駅 led us to Yodobashi Camera Umeda [Official Site], where I had a grand time looking at all those gadgets and stuff!

IMG_6499 IMG_6500

I am also now the happy owner of a Canon Wordtank G70. The sales girl at Yodobashi was very helpful, too. I think she knew I wasn’t too confident in speaking the language so she also spoke very slowly and clearly with me. Actually, she also gave me various choices of other brands like the Casio and (I honestly forgot) and those were even more nifty than the Wordtank… but… price-wise… too expensive and totally out of my budget. Actually the Wordtank G70 was also slightly out of my budget but since the G55 is not available anymore…

After mucking around the electronics, the toys, and everything else, we went up to the food area and had a delicious dinner! Ton-chan agrees!


Jenny then promptly somehow knocks my phone off my hand and the phone crashes onto the floor. I am happy to say that it’s still a functional phone. Nokia phones are durable.

Like all beautiful stories go, it will have an end, and my miraculous first day in Osaka has thus ended. We went back the to hostel, rested a bit, heard a (I think) Death Metal (or Metal or Punk) Band from US check in and carrying their luggage up, and switched the lights off.


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