Osaka – September 2009 – Day 3

September 26, 2009

FLICKR PHOTOS – (At point of writing this, ALL UPLOADED but descriptions not written yet)


This day saw us making our way to 京都 Kyoto. I guess we chose the wrong day to make this trip because of the シルバーウィーク Silver Week and everyone was heading off to Kyoto as well. A lot of our time was lost on transportation (traffic jams, getting lost, having “silent arguments”, etc…)

View from the JR ride to Kyoto

Anyway, our first stop was at 清水寺 Kiyomizudera Temple. It was such a beautiful place, but too many people for my liking. We were bumbling around following the flow of humans so there wasn’t really much to see and do.


We did get some of those charms things from the temple, both for souvenirs and for ourselves. I figured out it’s about time I got myself one for relationships. Mom was ecstatic that I’m thinking in that direction now. Sorry to say that actually, no, I’m not thinking in that direction just yet, I just decided to buy a charm for myself. I got a safe-driving one last year and I didn’t have an accident!! Well, I never had any car accidents even before buying the charm, so that’s a moot point anyway.


After a short stop at a tea house and me eating a nice icey cold bowl of strawberry shaved ice, we decided to make a move on and I checked the bus routes to get to 大徳寺 Daitokuji Temple, but just before we boarded, friend blurted out that we should go to 銀閣寺 Ginkakuji, so we had to board another bus there…

…and it was closed for renovations. Well, it was still open but the roof or something was closed for renovations. And thus we had to make the hike back down for the bus.


大徳寺 Daitokuji was surprisingly beautiful and devoid of people. Needles to say, I loved this place. It was so serene and everything was so quiet and beautiful! It was also here that I found out I’d lost my Kyoto day pass ticket 😛


We decided to retreat back to 京都駅 Kyoto Station and look for dinner there. We found a place for お好み焼き Okonomiyaki and we decided to have that. It was simply delicious and in they end they served us free Hokkaido ice cream or something. Yumyum!

Interesting lantern display at the Kyoto Station mall

We then roamed around a bit at the shopping centre there and both of us were happy that we managed to buy something. I got an abridged version book by 赤村次郎… which I’m now busy reading but feeling hopelessly lost, and friend bought a few of her beloved Yaoi mangas… *shrugs*



  1. hi,kat! this is good report!

    I worry you about that Silver week was wrong day for traveling around Kyoto,
    but I can understand the impressed feeling, I had ever been there too, Kiyomizudera, Kinkakuji, also Toei Uzumasa Eiga mura(The filming studio of drama of past era(mainly Edo era) of Japanese, you know?? )over 10 years ago,when I was in elementary school for event of traveling..
    I also impressed beautiful temples and old row of houses!

    and I love okonomiyaki,I am glad you like it!!

    but I mind in the last photograph,the lantern?? 「ねふた」on it,what is that?
    I know ねぶた祭り in Aomori,,also ねぷた祭り
    That was mistery in Kyoto! haha


  2. haha,
    actually, I found out I still don’t know how to call you… Yuei or Ua? (I do notice “Yuei” is the pronunciation of U.A.)

    the ねふた was at the underground mall in front of Kyoto JR station (I forgot the name of the Mall though…) There was an exhibition of paper lanterns and paper statues/art/dolls.

    I’m not sure if it has any relation to an existing festival though…

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