Osaka – September 2009 – Day 4

September 26, 2009

FLICKR PHOTOS – (At point of writing this, ALL UPLOADED but descriptions not written yet)


Day 4 would be our last real full day in Osaka, and on this day, we made a trip to 宇治 Uji! This would be where 源氏物語 The Story of Genji took place (or so they say). But I was more interested in their Green Tea, as I heard 宇治 is also the land of excellent Green Tea!

Going to Uji meant going through the train ride to Kyoto again, and then changing trains to head to Uji. On the way, we made a stop so that we could visit the 伏見稲荷 Fushimi Inari. And what is it?


It’s the shrine with the hundreds of that Temple-arch thingie!


It’s also the Fox-shape god shrine (or something to do with the Fox-shape god)


Yes, you can bet that I loved this place to bits! There was so much to see… so much to see… the scenery was superb! I wanted to walk the whole trail but friend kept flipping out her guide book (a sign that she’s bored) and so I decided to move on over to 宇治 Uji


The stay at 宇治 Uji was not as nice though. It got a bit cloudy and so the whole feel of the place got a bit gloomy. But I had fun all the same :3


I saw dogs! The Jack Russel was fun… he ran into the river to play and so was all wet! The owner told me not to touch him because he was wet. I said I don’t care, I have 3 dogs at home, and he laughed. The Shiba Inu just walked by, and I had the most interaction with the black Pug called Cherry. hehe! I’m a happy kat now!


We had lunch at a Japanese style tea house, and we had to sit on tatami flooring. It was quite an uncomfortable dinner because we had to sit like that (I couldn’t kneel, I know I’d get cramps!) The food was excellent though! So it all came out good!


Continuing on our way, we heard some music and followed along. A guy was at the river bank playing his Saxophone. Wow, the whole place turned out so romantic! A little way off was a river boat, so we scurried on to see what it was. Another conversation in Japanese ensued, and we decided to pay the 500yen to go on a 15-minute boat ride along the river.

The lanterns in the boat I have a thing for under-the-bridge shots

It was a good chance to rest our legs. The boat was also tatami-floored, so we had to sit/kneel on it for the entire ride. The best thing was it wasn’t too full, it was only the two of us, and 2 other couples with the boat stirrer.

We passed by the Genji museum but in the end decided not to go in (friend was like “I don’t like the story of Genji anyway”) As we walked past some local cargo train station, friend went “oh, the station! Let’s go!” and I was like “This station doesn’t even look remotely like the station we arrived at”. Actually, my friend is directionally dumb and she has no idea where she’s been or not been.

950yen per way (so round trip is 1900yen) for a trip to Uji and only staying for less than 4 hours? I think I came with the wrong friend!

a「先生!それは・・・」 b「立って言って下さい」 a「た」 b「・・・」

Don’t bother… anyway… on our way back to the hostel, we passed by another mall and decided to have a go walking through it. I stumbled upon a really cute book. It’s by a Japanese teacher and her days as a teacher teaching  Japanese to 外人. That page up there was the deciding point for me. I doubt I’d read through the whole thing, but that just caught my attention so.


oh, and also, on this fateful day, Ton-chan got a new friend! New Bear has no name yet, and I will continue to think of one!



  1. Wow photo overload! 😛 I see that yellow piggy travelled places! I think Kyoto must be really nice! I really like to visit one day. Thanks for sharing your photos!

    • It was all very nice. Just bummer with my timing, had I gone on a non-public holiday time I’m sure the traffic would have been better then I could have visited more places!

      LOL photo overload, I tend to do that heehee…

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