Osaka – September 2009 – Day 5

September 26, 2009

FLICKR PHOTOS – (At point of writing this, ALL UPLOADED but descriptions not written yet)

Day 5… our last day here… and it wasn’t a full day either…


As I had previously arranged with my friend Y, we were to meet at the リンクプレミアムアウトレット Rinku Town Premium Outlets. This place looked just like one of those outdoor malls I once went to in Portugal, with outlet stores and stuff. Even though these were outlet stores, things weren’t exactly that cheap either!

We met with Y and had lunch with her. It was interesting to talk to someone about everything. After being really embarrassed for mixing up the Swift as a Subaru car (the Swift is a Suzuki car) and a myriad other mis-pronunciations and misunderstandings, we found out that it was quite late and we missed the bus we had planned to take to the airport.


But since the kat is a very careful person, the bus we missed was just the first possible bus to take, there was a second bus too, so on we went and headed off to the airport!

   Goodbye, Osaka! One of those coin-arms picking gifts machine Yes, I got an aisle seat that had the next 2 seats empty as well. Lucky!

I was surprised that the in-flight meal wasn’t half that bad!


And lastly, the sunset from the plane…


If I’m given the chance, I will most definitely go again!


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