On the iPod Classic

September 27, 2009

It seems that over here in Asia, nobody cares about the iPod classic!

  • iPod cases are only available for the iPod Touch and Nano (and iPhone)
  • Gelaskins only for the above 3 as well
  • The Hong Kong, China, and Macau iTunes store only has applications/games for the iPod Touch and iPhone

When I was in Osaka, I saw so many gadgets for all forms of iPods, so when I saw this prepaid iTunes cash card, I was really excited!

I thought, “Finally! I could get the game I want for my iPod Classic!” [Song Summoner]

So far that I’ve searched, I’ve only seen iPod Classic games available in the US store.

After cashing in the prepaid/redeem card, I had to create an iTunes Japan account. Oh well, so I did… only to find out that… yep, iTunes Japan also doesn’t sell iPod Classic games.

A little annoyed, I decided to buy the Field of View album, seeing how I used to like this group very much!

So… still no new iPod Classic game for me, but I got really nostalgic music in my iPod now!  突然、君がいたから、迷わないで、DAN DAN 心魅かれてく・・・ A pity they had to dis-band, really!




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  2. Well I had an iPod ancient (first generation, black and white screen), hows that for classic, sadly it was stolen (who would want to steal a first generation ipod ancient?!).

    • Well, I would have liked to see an iPod ancient – I’ve never seen one! (I had no income source back then, so I couldn’t just buy whatever I wanted), but I don’t think I’d steal it. I’d have politely asked you to let me have a lookie :3

      I have no idea why the new 120GB iPods are called Classic though… perhaps the size and shape is similar?

  3. That really doesn’t surprise me, with such a fast-growing technological world, and a relatively sound economy…why would anyone in China or Japan need to stick with the iPod classic?

    Although, I have to admit…I’ve been having some trouble finding accessories for my 30g video iPod recently. Perhaps the rest of the world is making the conversion as well.

    • hm… probably… I’m more with the total memory capacity though! I still prefer the classic 😀

  4. i do care for the classic. i owe one. 😀
    but i don’t play games on it.
    it’s stuff with the songs.

    • yay~! We are together on this!
      I don’t really use the iPod to play games, it’s just Klondike is getting really boring (when half the time I couldn’t beat it)
      Mainly I use the iPod for music and songs >:D

  5. My iPod ancient was so big and heavy, it could be used as a bookpress

    • wow! multi-functional! :3

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