XXIIIMIMF – Szymanowski Quartet (Poland)

October 12, 2009

I just came back from the Szymanowski Quartet show! I can only use one word to describe it! It was BEAUTIFUL!

Also really surprised to meet a friend that I hadn’t seen for quite some time… sitting right behind me…!!!

About tonight’s show:

Szymanowski Quartet (Poland)


J. Haydn (1732-1809): String Quartet in C major, op. 76, No. 3 “Emperor”
K. Szymanowski (1882-1937): Nocturne and Tarantella for String Quartet
F. Mendelssohn (1809-1847): String Quartet, op. 44, No. 1

They did 2 encores, one was a more modern piece, but I couldn’t catch the name, and the second one was a Beethovan.

The music from the strings were so beautiful. In fact, I think this show was even better than the Hilary Hahn one I went to 2 years ago… Sadly they did not sell their albums; I would have snagged one right away!

It’s been a long day, and it will be a long day tomorrow. I have to prepare for tomorrow, as I have to trek over to Hong Kong to get some work done for the boss.

Ciao ciao!


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