October 13, 2009


今回香港で仕事のことが・・・できなかった・・・ 絶対要る書類がなかったから・・・




13102009764 13102009765 13102009767



  1. That’s such a cute book! But then again it’s for 中小學haha. あのような楽しそうな教科書で勉強がもっと楽しくなる。ちょうだい!

    • hopefully I’m capable of reading that! Seriously, I need to enroll in a school or institute to start learning properly. Although I’m quite happy that I could more-or-less read that book I’m reading now, I really need to gear up and start taking it seriously!

      • What??! That book was for yourself? I thought it was for your kids (if you have any) haha.I think you are already past that level right? You always write perapera Japanese in your blogposts 🙂

      • lol… kids… me? My dad would be thrilled, wakakaka!

        you flatter me so… hahaha 😉 Thank you!
        I’m not perapera at all and even if it seems that I’ve got some capabilities in the language – it’s just easier when trying to express myself.

        When it’s reading or listening to others, they are not going to use vocabs and grammar rules within my capacity, and that’s why I find it easier to write Japanese than it is to read Japanese (even though my writing is far from good)

        Actually, one day I’m going to leaf through your 3-kyuu thingie and see if I understand it :3 I tried some 4-kyuu tests/study materials online and actually there are some vocabs and also grammar that I didn’t know. oops! That’s no good!

        therefore, the studies continue!!

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