Weekly resolution

October 18, 2009

After my stint with Triangle that lasted around 6 weeks earlier this year, I have now started to watch another J-Drama, Untouchable [Official Site]. Although I hardly understand everything being said, I try to imagine that I understand them. heh… and usually by the end of the episode, I’m left with more question marks over my head than it’s healthy for me.

I’ll also tell you the truth. I stream them through a (possibly) illegal site. The dramas come in really quickly. Untouchable is aired every Friday, and it was already up for streaming this morning, with subtitles. All these people that do the translating and subtitling… do they ever sleep?

The subtitles don’t do much for me as, like always, simplified Chinese gives me a headache when I try to read them.

And so, again, I vow that I will, on every Sunday, spend an hour watching this drama! (you’re free to start your own bets and see how long it lasts)

And oh yeah, if you’re interested which website I use, just ask. They’ve got almost everything – Jdrama, Kdrama, HKsoaps, ChinaShows, Foreign serials, etc… That’s where I watch all my Bones, House, Mentalist, Criminal Minds, etc… etc… The only thing I couldn’t find there is Six Feet Under. And you’re going to have to do a bit of a guessing game of where to click since it’s all in Simplified Chinese (oh! the headache!)


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