XXIIIMIMF – German Radio Philharmonic Orchestra

October 24, 2009

I just came back from the German Radio Philharmonic Orchestra. Like the Sydney Symphony one, this was brilliant!!!! I loved it so much!

In the beginning, I wasn’t enjoying myself too much when I saw that Mr. Conductor wasn’t as amusing as the Sydney Symphony one (heh) but, again, this is about the music! They played beautifully, and their choice of pieces were great!


W. A. Mozart (1756-1791): Symphony No. 35 in D major, “Haffner”
B. Britten (1913-1976): Senerade for Tenor, Horn and Strings, op. 31
Ludwig von Beethoven (1770-1827): Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67 (1804-1808)

Did you see that? Did you see that!?? Beethoven’s Symphony No.5!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!! I’ve never heard this piece after the Allegro, really! The Andante and the Scherzo weren’t too impressive… but the Finale made up for everything else. Still, the opening Allegro was still the most impressive, in my opinion.

And then the encores… great choices as well! Since this year’s Opera is Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro), they gave as an “appetizer” from a piece in there. I think that was a good idea. Although in the actual Opera it will be the Macau Orchestra that will perform… I’m not trying to belittle the Macau Orchestra, but fact is… I don’t think you could compare a volunteer-based orchestra to a professional, paid orchestra… The second encore was another famous piece that I just couldn’t remember the name of… *I will update this when I remember*. And finally, the last encore was a Chinese piece. Nice of them to put a Chinese piece in the lineup!



  1. hey same here!!!!! (wave hand)
    they really have a great selection of the music played!!! and all those masterpieces filled by “allegro”sssss!!!
    (only that Warren’s voice sounded me to sleep…=__=|||) <– well i'm sleepy…hadn't got enough sleep mar…
    I was actually playing the first Allegro of Symphony No. 5 in my mind when I was reading the booklet…haha
    i dun really remember if i'v heard the whole piece of Symphony No. 5 or not… but "the opening Allegro was still the most impressive" <– totally agreed!!! (oh well… and usually the most heard allegro of the piece…in commercial etc…)
    btw, u noticed the chief first violinist? that lady was soooo enjoy when playing the music!!! haha
    (but dunno y da chief first violinist exchanged after the interval…lol???)

    btw, i know macau orchestra CANNOT compare gar la…but i think they (macau one) r also PAID la… not volunteer-based…it's also professional… and i heard that b4 (well, not quite remember la) that they are not allowed to 做第二份工 (but the paid is not high actually)

    i think the 2nd encore is called…"hungary march" (sth like that?)… i also dunno the name of the piece… but ceci told me about it…

    • I always thought they were volunteer-based tim…
      Anyway, now just awaiting the last show, Figaro’s Marriage!!

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