Back to work

December 15, 2009

Today I’m back to work, and lunch was good.

Even though all I had was an Onion Soup. But my, Onion Soups never tasted so good!! Or perhaps it’s this coffee shop’s Onion Soup that’s superb?

There’s cheese in the soup, and under the bread, too. Yummy~~~ Usually this soup would have taken me less than 10minutes to finish. But since I’m now eating at the Speed Of The Snail, it took me a good 40minutes or so to eat a soup.

I still feel a dull throb and occasional pain on my wound… but my teeth and gums are right now feeling more… is itchy the right word? I’ve actually started to brush my teeth on that side again too, but I’m seeing some white substance in the gums where the wound is… and no matter how much water I spray water at it or use a Q-tip to poke it, it just doesn’t come off. I hope it’s not an infection (something tells me that it is) and that’s why I’ll be visiting the dentist today again.

And fasting for 4 days hasn’t lost me any weight. I’d have thought that the losing weight bit would be a bonus, but ohwell!

Time to get back to work :3


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