First Lootings

January 9, 2010

We went for a dinner celebrating for moi yesterday ^3^

The loot I got was quite nifty:

– Portable iPhone battery booster ラブラブ THANK YOU J!!!
– Pie molds x 4 ドキドキ THANK YOU C!!!
– a kazillion of cookie and pastry thingies ラブラブ! THANK YOU S!!!
– a huge scarf/shawl thingie that’s so warm I’m all toasty right now, wrapping myself in it ニコニコ THANK YOU M and R!!
– a Lola make-up set. Haven’t tried them yet, but キスマーク THANK YOU A!!

The restaurant was so-so though. The food was good, but then, the price was out of budget. I checked the restaurant website, they had a menu there, I checked it, and it was pretty reasonable. But when we got there, it was so damned expensive! Menu price fraud! So, even though it was nice and quaint and all, I don’t recommend that place プンプン


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