It’s been a while…

February 18, 2010

Hello! It seems I’ve ignored wordpress for a bit…
I’ve been having too much fun with the comms in Livejournal and Ameblo… sorry about that.
And it’s only because I’m suffering from the ultimate ennui that here I am, at wordpress again!


– Bored to death
– Watched J-drama Triangle and Jin -仁-
– contemplating a trip to Osaka in July
– re-playing Shadow Hearts and then hoping that the EU version save file still counts as a bonus thingie for my JP version of Shadow Hearts II
– Just finished another chapter in Minnano Nihongo, now sitting in Chapter 30 feeling too lazy to actually look inside (or, I’m trying to let materials of Capter 29 sit down in my brain first)
– Almost done reading 赤川次郎’s abridged version of ふまじめな天使… it’s a kiddie version but it’s still hard to understand. FAIL
– Feeling generally miserable

And that’s that for the updates.


One comment

  1. You have! haha, well I guess it’s a phase us bloggers go through every now and then, because I felt guilty, I redesigned my blog and its up and running again 🙂

    And thanks for the flowers btw 😀

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