iPhone – just like new!

March 10, 2010

Apparently, I’m bored.

Yesterday, my iPhone tried to leap for freedom.
It landed on concrete flooring.
I was worried, and I was even more worried when I saw all the scratches and the dent marks ON THE SCREEN!

But then, it was only the screen protector that was hurt. Granted, a bit of the sides of the iPhone suffered some scratches too, but aside from that, it’s fine.

And the iPhone still works too.

So I just went to the store and asked to buy a new screen guard thingie. The boys there are really nice. This one offered to change the screen guard for me. This boy did the screen guard too, when I just bought the phone, and back then, he did a not-so-perfect job.

Second time round, it’s perfect.



One comment

  1. The horror when something precious slips out of your hand and on the cold concrete floor! I had my PSP, NDS and Canon SLR camera fall on the ground one too many times! The horror when it happens! But fortunately these things are built against a drop or two. phew!

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