April 5, 2010

The second film I watched in this year’s International Film Festival was Pianomania (Austria).

More info:

I didn’t know this was a documentary-type film, so, I wasn’t prepared for what came. It was interesting, amusing at parts, but I found it a little heavy too.

But, I have to say… beautiful concert halls… beautiful grand pianos… it was all amazing!

The part where Lang Lang played that piece (honestly? I forgot what it was) as if he were beserk… also amazing, but afterwards when that Korean guy talked about a “car racing” idea in music, I totally cracked up. Right, it does seem that pianists are trying to play faster and faster.

And all that German-speaking made me a little nostalgic. When the guy said “Shit” and then his colleague went “Oje”… totally reminded me of my Austrian relatives (particularly Onkel Peter).


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