April 6, 2010

Just read the above titled Japanese folklore: 浦島太郎 Urashima Tarou.

I’ve always known the existence of this story. The kid saving the turtle and the turtle bringing him to the underwater world.

I never knew the latter part of the story.

And now that I’ve read it, I think it’s just plain cruel.

So this story teaches us NOT to ever help others in need?

Or when after helping others you shouldn’t accept their thanks?

Or when after accepting their thanks, you shouldn’t suddenly say you don’t want their thanks?

Or when you do that then don’t open the g-d forsaken box?

Now thinking of it this way it sort of makes sense… perhaps… this story is really for corrupt politicians????

I dunno. I still haven’t passed the “it’s so cruel!” stage of thought.

On a lighter note, I’m recently busy doing a Sailor Moon re-watching.

Has it been 20 years? I saw in the opening theme that it’s copyrighted 1992… almost 20 years!

But as I rewatch that I just keep thinking “man, they are so ridiculous. Did I really watch all that crap as a kid?”

But I just continue to watch that. Hey, it’s nostalgic!!

So, Jadaite is gone. Now, to faithfully wait for the appearance of my then-favourite, Sailor Jupiter to appear!

aahh~ 懐かしいよ!



  1. But as I rewatch that I just keep thinking “man, they are so ridiculous. Did I really watch all that crap as a kid?”

    don’t say it, Kat! it hurts! i enjoyed it as a kid, too. it’s pretty old-school. can’t hide that past, can we? :))

    • haha, it’s true that I think it’s a bit crappy, but yes, your are right, it IS very nostalgic! That’s why, I’m still at it :3
      I intend to watch all, including the newer ones that I left off

  2. katちゃんこんばんちわ!





    • Yueiさん、こんにちは!
      Angela Akiですね。そう、です、好きです!でも、彼女の最初のアルバムが大好きです。最近のアルバムは・・・あまり・・・まあまあと思いますね。

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