Travel Woes

April 23, 2010

2010 has not been a good year to me so far… traveling wise.

Back in February I planned for a March/April trip to Japan, that got left hanging (long long story, don’t feel like retelling).

Then a couple other short China trips that also went up.

Recently, we were thinking of joining a tour to Turkey. Probably might be shot down because of the volcano thingie in Iceland. That and Mom’s out of town in end of May, so we can’t go during then too.

And again I planned a Japan trip… but the timing just doesn’t fit. To get the special rate, I have to book 60 days in advance (which pretty much pushes us to the last Sunday in June) but then Mom’s flying out in the very beginning of July, which we wouldn’t be back yet. So again, the plan has just simply gone pffftt and disappeared.

oh well~

I feel sleepy right now. zzzz


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