More shopping in china

May 6, 2010

I promised my Sis I’d take the day off to go to China with her, and that is what I did, to China we went.

We lunched at a peculiar restaurant. They say the concept is from Taiwan, and it was interesting.

So they have a barbeque stove and a hot pot… pot. You can ask for whatever food to grill or to boil. That’s not the interesting part. The real interesting part, is this: after the barbecue, they clean the thing and then change to a cooler.

From the water they put in, they muck around, mix around until that liquid turns into ice cream. That was something interesting to see. With my cough, I really shouldn’t have that ice cream, but the girl gave that to me with such enthusiasm.

Oh, and I bought books! I hope the books would fuel my passion to go on with my Japanese studies. I don’t really understand the Chinese titles of the books (Simplified Chinese mystifies me). One book is the new JLPT mock tests I think? I thought I could just skim through that and see what I know and what I don’t know.

The other cutesy book is a pictorial verb dictionary. I bought it because the cover was so cute. Man: I feel like eating some good pork chops! Pig: What? Please don’t eat pig meat… Books in china are so cheap… I didn’t have to think for long. RMB30 each. Yay.

Walked around the mall and bought various things. Slowly we got tired and decided to head back to Macau. In Macau, we did more shopping. Slayers #8 (Chinese). I’m just reading #2 now, and progress is slow, because I suck at Chinese.

Also bought some earrings, and headed back home. I’m now so exhausted, I could sleep right away. But perhaps I’ll muck around with the piano.


Kat ♪ on the go


One comment

  1. Thats cool! I should try that too! Now I need to find it somewhere around here.

    The pig book looks cuuuuute! I will buy it too when Im in China! (yea, you don’t really have to think long to buy books in China hehe)

    You play piano? Meh too!

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