In-flight movies

June 27, 2010

How does everyone deal with flight time? For me, when I’m going from Asia to Europe, it’s very hard on me… because, usually flights on this direction are night flights, and arrive Europe in the morning. Since I can’t sleep well during flights even though my internal clock says sleep, when I land, I get really grumpy.

However, for Europe to Asia flights, I can cope really easily. Since we board in daylight, and land in daylight, my internal clock doesn’t make a fuss. I don’t feel like sleeping during the entire flight, so I spend the time watching in-flight movies.

An now, I’m here to write about the numerous movies I watched during the return flight~ Listed in the order I watched them.

#1 すべては海になる All to the sea [official site]
I’ll be frank. I don’t get this movie at all. It was so disconnected… The boy kid had really terrifying acting skills (it was so obviously “I don’t know what I should be doing” type of terrible acting). The girl lead’s acting didn’t look good, (but it gave off a “I know the character WOULD react like a block of wood so I am reacting like a block of wood”). So I think the girl lead had a better hand at that. I tried not reading the subtitles, but it only got me so far… ah, Japanese, you are hard!

#2 おとうと Her Brother [official site]
This movie was at the same time more boring, yet more interesting and more deep than the first one I watched. However it seemed to me the movie was more about how the elder sister (i.e. the Mother in the movie) dealt with the hardships from when her husband died, to her daughter’s divorce and finally to her brother’s sickness and death.

#3 いま、会いにゆきます Be With You [wikipedia] (official site not working?)
This movie would be my favourite in the 4 that I watched. I sort of figured out the mystery when the mother went to buy a birthday cake for her son. The beginning of the movie did confuse me a bit though, that and how the kid would call the dad by name instead of “dad”. I liked the soundtrack too… awe, so actually, I’m a sucker for such kind of angsty-but-not-quite-angsty not-meant-to-be romance.

#4 THE有頂天ホテル Suite Dreams [wikipedia]
This movie is also my favourite… but that it’s my comedy favourite. The humour in there was unexpected… and I had to stop myself from laughing too loud because all the people around me were sleeping already. It got all too much for me when Shindo gave the calligrapher an old garden gnome (or was that Santa?) doll and twisting the head around, so the beard could be used as a calligraphy brush.

And the duck. I shouldn’t forget the duck.


So yeah, I had a grand time watching all these movies. Helped to pass the time and with the in-flight snacks, yay~


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