We need (to) backup

June 29, 2010

My work PC died on me today.

Three year’s worth of data… gone… all gone…
My pride and joy… those spreadsheets!! Those logs!!!

Well, it will also mean that with a new PC (read: just a new hard disk) I’ll come clean and I could re-do everything anew, improved and better!

Which I’ve started already. But, having the spreadsheet only still doesn’t compensate for the THREE YEARS WORTH OF DATA I had.

Oh, I DO have a backup somewhere. My personal external hard disk. Last backup? February 2009, thankyouverymuch.

oh shucks…


One comment

  1. Hello The Kat, I hope you were able to recover all your files. Losing data and especially at work could get very frustrating! Been there done that. I now use Genie Timeline.
    I really like this product because I do not need to worry when was the last time I preformed a backup since it is based on Continuous Data Protection. I do not even need to set a schedule.
    It has a very intuitive interface and including or excluding files from the backup is as easy as right clicking it, I can also retrieve accidently deleted files this way- a very handy tool I believe.
    It recommends the best backup destination and the files i need to backup in categories that are easy to select. Not only is creating a disaster recovery boot-able disk is quick it also has what is called incremental disaster recovery so basically it backs up my system files and other files regularly which makes me feel at peace.
    You should check it out!

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