Life, credit cards, boredom…

July 1, 2010

Now that I listed the stuff I plan to write in this post on the subject line, I think I’ll actually not digress so much and cut it short. Or maybe I shall digress…

I was feeling a bit bored, dull and blue in the afternoon… (yes, still because of my work PC’s death), I logged onto my favourite Japan books website, http://www.bk1.jp, and booked some 4 books (no actually it’s 6 I think…). It did come out pretty expensive… over 5000yen not including shipping, but right at that moment, I just had to do something drastic.

Now that the day’s over, I’m mulling over my stupidity. I’m not even sure if it was an impulsive buy. Should have gone and ordered some CDs instead.

Having a credit card is such a dangerous thing. I always had my mind dead-set at having only one credit card. I do not like to have a higher-than-my-pay credit limit. I will never spend a whole month’s pay at any one time, so I’m not really worried about debts and all that. I just don’t like to spend too much money. But sometimes, when the shopping bug bites, it bites.

But there have been so many times where my credit card died at critical times, so now I’m forced to have 2 credit cards. One with a drastically low credit limit (my first credit card) and one with a terrifyingly high credit limit (my new one). The new one’s credit limit is more than twice my monthly pay, so I feel really uncomfortable holding that card. But ah, whatever, I trust my own control over money issues.

I suddenly feel really tired. Perhaps I shall head off to bed… see you then!


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