On Spam comments

July 21, 2010

Those comments just… make me laugh…

Here, I’ve copied some to entertain us all. The names are all different names, and even the email addresses are all different. But the website address is more-or-less similar… like something something herbal remedies and prevent hair loss, etc…

The comments:

I went WTF is this about? with this one

I don’t know about you but I prefer cell universe. There is just something fascinating about tiny living organisms that can destroy big and complex ones .

Sorry, my blog is only 3 years old… maybe 4… I don’t know how “long ago” it is to constitute it as “when you were young”

I love universe. Ever since I was young. I love reading your post. I probably love plants the most in universe although insect anatomy is very interesting .

Yes, I know you’re loyal. So loyal that you keep posting several comments in different posts in one day.

Thanks for sharing thoughts and writing this post. Looking forward to more of your stuff. Hopefully you continually update your homepage often since you have found a loyal visitor .

This post was actually about having dinner with my friends… and I wrote that in Japanese too. I have no idea how useful this blogpost was… I wasn’t even “advertising” the restaurant.

The most comprehensive and very well thought out article I have found on this subject on the internet. Keep on writing, I will keep on coming by to read your new content. This is my sixth time visiting your Blog .

This one was on a blogpost about DeviantArt and how I was deciding whether or not to extend my paid account. Yes, in the end I found it rather unnecessary and eventually I’ve quit using the site as well… (though my account is still there and active)

I am fond of your site for informing a lot of people, it’s just sometimes people seem to get themselves tied up in unnecessary knots over something that’s very simple .

Saving the best for last. I found this comment absolutely hilarious. Yes, there are a lot of spam lately, and this particular comment is one of them too. And no, I’m not interested in any link exchange.

I understand that there are a lot of spam lately. Apparently it’s pretty hard for guys to grasp the concept that relationships can be mutually beneficial. I can leave a meaningful awesome comment and add content and essence to one of your pages and you will give me a link in exchange. There are too many takers out there and they aren’t willing to help people out. Take take take! .

I’m considering closing my wordpress for good and moving over to Livejournal. I’m more active over there… and well, I could control which posts to go public and which to go private. Decisions, decisions… but I like it here too!


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