August 5, 2010

After much thought,

much research,

much asking,

and today during lunch,

much mucking around with a Kindle,

I have decided…

I am going to place an order for a Kindle.

The Kindle DX is a little too expensive… although the larger screen is very much more attractive.

Not many people that I know use Kindles over here, so when an online friend who happened to have one offered to meet up and show me how a Kindle looks like and works, I dived in.

And I fell in love instantly.

The screen looks really paper-y. Granted, I won’t be able to flip the pages and all that, but, I think a Kindle would be a good investment. That way, I won’t have to keep so many physical books. And all those e-books that I got before? Finally can be put to good use.

It says on the product website that if you order today, it will be shipped on or before 4 September 2010. On my order status page, it still says it’s pending delivery date, but for about 10 minutes today when I was mucking around the Amazon site, it said it’ll be shipped on the 6 October or later (!???!!!?!?). I was about to cancel the order (if I have to wait so long… then I’ll leave it) when upon another refresh, it was back to pending delivery date.

The reason I chose the Kindle was because of free 3G (where network is available). So if I’m travelling and my iPhone’s roaming 3G costs will kill me, having a Kindle on hand will save the day.

So, let me continue to hope that the Kindle will be shipped earlier rather than alter! (I know the official release is end of August anyway)


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