Randomly (again)

August 13, 2010

A few things:

– I have a sudden urge to get a Mixi account. Don’t know why. But I don’t have a JP 携帯メール、so I guess no hope. Though I did find out that it’s not by referral anymore.

– Doing a work-related search for Hanoi, Vietnam Hotels. Any passer-by that can give me some suggestions?

– I’m still waiting for a confirmed date for my Kindle… teehee… It’s barely a week, but I’m impatient. I know I need to wait, but I’d like to know till when XD

– Went to a home owner’s management meeting last night, on behalf of my Mom. Interesting conversation /sarcasm

– Possibly, my next travel destination will be Singapore in December – cousin wants to go there. I’m seriously considering another Osaka trip for November… but the Yen has been soaring really high high up… (Up, Up, and away!)

Well, let me get some work done, and then I’ll go read some more :3



  1. why Hanoi? why not Ho Chi Minh city? 😦

    • my boss’ son decided to go to Hanoi with his girlfriend and her parents, so I have to search for Hanoi hotels… (and pity it’s not me who’s going to travel too D: )

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