Hong Kong Take (?)

August 27, 2010

I seem to be writing about going to Hong Kong every once in a while but actually, I’m not really a frequent Hong Kong visitor, I’m sure there are much more Macau people that make weekly trips to Hong Kong just for the sake of shopping.

This time, I went with Mom. This was an easy trip – we had no commitments, nothing planned, just went to Hong Kong lazing around looking at stuff. We didn’t make a point to run through Times Square, we passed by UNIQLO and Muji but didn’t buy anything, Francfranc, as usual had really spiffy stuff (but I didn’t buy any), Starbucks were full and people were just sitting there staring at nothing, HMVs were packed, and so on and so forth…

I am an easily pleased person, so even though I didn’t actually buy much, I was pretty happy with this trip.

Interested in my loot?

Cake decorating stand, huzzah!

It’s got some nails that you could hook the bottom of the cake to, then tilt the cake sideways as you apply the frosting/icing/powder/decorations to the sides of the cake. Nifty! Though my mom asked me a question “Do you even bake cakes?” HEY! I do bake cakes! Dad asked a more appropriate question “Do you even decorate cakes?” OK I admit, I never had the urge to decorate a cake before… maybe now I’ll start… maybe I have to ask for tips and pointers on decorating cakes!

Cake stencils

I should rephrase “I don’t really decorate cakes”. Well, I do, but with icing sugar and stencils, that’s all. It’s easy, it’s no hassle, and people still go “WOW” over it. So yeah, I love stencils. I could do without the birthday and the hearts one, my eyes were set on the two other swirly and flowerly ones.

Patterned tights

I’m hoarding for winter. Patterned tights are not for summer, too hot, but since I found them pretty cheap, I got them already.

NEW Ikea 2011 Catalogue

We went to Ikea, I had a grand time. I didn’t go to the newer Ikeas though (too far away), and I’d always thought the Causewaybay Ikea a little shoddy, but ohwell. I managed to get a couple of ideas to keep my mind running about my room and our computer set-ups, and I sort of tricked Mom into agreeing to trash or move a useless coffee table away and replace it with our current bookshelves that are at the back varandah, all the other trash blocking the doors of the shelf (thus rendering MY BOOKS visible but untouchable. Sad)

SPCA T-shirt

I seem to have developed a habit of buying at least 1 item from the HK SPCA’s charity booth every time I go to Hong Kong. Considering the local Animal protection groups aren’t that advanced (not that they’re lazy but Macau IS small and resources are limited), I couldn’t support them much, so since the HK one is so visible, I help out a little bit each time.

All in all, we spent less than 8 hours in Hong Kong but we were only roaming around Causewaybay area. It was nice.


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