Kindle has arrived

September 5, 2010

The almighty Kindle has arrived my home!!!!

Lookie, this came in last Tuesday…


In these few days, I had been mucking around with it, trying out the things to do with it, etc… Initially, I was too eager and accidentally loaded some 3000+ pdfs and still it managed to run normally for 30minutes before the dreaded crash I’d read about at the Amazon Kindle Forums.

Anyway, I’ve since selected the books I’d really want to read and there are now some 270+ books in my Kindle. The majority are PDFs but I did grab some free .mobi formats and a couple of Kindle freebooks. Plus quite some samples. After reading Terry Pratchett’s A Hat Full Of Sky though, I don’t think I could willingly read another PDF on the Kindle. The 6″ screen is a bit small for PDF reading. Fitting the page to the page width, the font gets really small, and well, I can’t adjust PDF font sizes in the Kindle. So I’ll either have to find a way to convert my PDFs into .mobi or other Kindle readable format, or simply go for the actual Kindle book.

The Book On Demand thingie is really neat. The other time I was reading the free sample of the book, and reached the end of the sample. Seeing the text there “Liked it? Buy it!” and I clicked on it, coz I really liked it, and bam, in a minute the book was downloaded. It was so exciting! (the process, not the actual book, LOL)

Which leads me to be worried, because with the Kindle store 1-click purchase is permanently on. For now, I’ve password locked my Kindle in hopes any thief wouldn’t be able to decipher the password (this one’s tough, heh!) but I’ve been thinking of actually removing my credit card details, and instead use gift coupon quotas to budget my book buying.

But so far, I’ve been behaving.

I was reading a paid book since I read about the high praises, but it’s only after I started reading that I found out that it was of the Paranormal Romance Genre and gosh it’s embarrassing, but I paid for the book, and I shall read it, no matter how shy I am.

At the forums, I’ve read a couple of posts about the Kindle screensaver with the Emily Dickinson image.

For some reason, everyone seems to be terrified of seeing her appear. Does she write soul-sucking books, or is it just that particular image that looks spooky?? I have no good nor bad comments regarding that image, just a curiosity as to why the others react so. hm….


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