September 26, 2010

So I got another impulse buy the day before yesterday.

I got us a Wii-Fit board!

Well, living in this part of the world, the game shop owner asked me “Do you want the real deal or the fake version? The fake version has a lower weight limit.”

Hardware-wise, I’m a real deal person. The guy then told me “ah, but it’s Korean. Do you want me to include a Chinese version of the Wii Fit CD?” Fine. If he had an English version, the better, but well, at least Chinese I could understand something.

But then, the games were too new, and my age old first-generation Wii can’t read the discs. Had to take the Wii to the shop for an upgrade. It seems like they installed an emulator sort of thing in there.

When all was done, last night was spent building profiles for everyone. Despite being 4KG over my (personal) target weight, I still had a healthy BMI of 22.something. Apparently I don’t need to lose weight (ha!). But well, the game asked to set a target, so I set a 2KG in 2 weeks target. Wonder if I could really accomplish that feat.

We’ve also been trying to eat healthy at home.

Eating healthy?

That was a yummy salad, really!

Anyway, now it’s time for dinner again. I might go on the Wii for a bit again after dinner, or perhaps I’ll stick to my Nintendo DS… or perhaps I’ll read my Kindle. ah. Life is good!


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