Some news :D

October 7, 2010

Well, things do change fast. Let me get some confirmed plans out:

– I’ll be going to Shanghai next week (flying out 16th October) for 5 days. Tour group travel

– I’ll be participating at Hong Kong Ocean Park’s Halloween Bash on 30th October. Heard from a friend that we got the full-day admission tickets

– Tomorrow I’m going to be a godmother (again :D) to Silvino who’s going to be christened. Wow. Now I have 2 godsons. Not having a family of my own, and not having my own kids (well, I think the dogs my own kids XD)… does it mean that I have to constantly indulge those 2 boys now??

– Chinese classes have been going well, but I’ll be missing a couple of classes just this year already.

– Some change of plans for Christmas’ trip with cousin Nita. Maybe we’re not going to Singapore. Just depends on whether we’d like to see snow (S. Korea) or sun (Thailand)

I’ve been feeling pretty busy lately but I guess it’s just what I feel. I’ve finally finished reading Jane Eyre, and I have to say I loved the book. I found the archaic-ish English a bit heavy, so decided to read some modern literature now, but now, reading that kind of modern English is making me hate the book. I’ll cope, don’t worry.

I actually had plans to go update my wardrobe a bit, but after being given really short notice for Silvino’s christening (and learning that I was asked to be godmother) and with the Shanghai trip, I guess I’ll push off that till November, or even next year January. Hey, I gotta follow some sort of budget in my spending. I’m saving up cash!

The dogs continue to be living happily and sleeping comfortably at home, going out twice a day, causing havoc for me.

It’s still early but I’m feeling tired. Guess I’ll slowly go hit the hay.

Before I go, here, Youtube video and lyrics for a song that I’ve recently been addicted to



ああ 氷の海 溺れた鳥のように
静けさの 波に沈んで 君を想う

僕はまるで 罠に落ちたみたいに
何度でも 口づけしたんだ

灰色の雨 濡れても濡れても
温もりは 僕から消え去ることなく
君の甘い面影に 花を敷き詰めて
朽ちてゆける日まで 目を閉じる

ああ 夜の森に 漂う雲の影に
身を捧げ このままそっと 溶けてしまえたら

溢れる光 眩しくて
奇跡さえも 信じられた
僕は全てを 欲しがる子供みたいに
何度でも 君を抱いたんだ

飲み込んだ砂 少しずつ少しずつ
枯れていく胸で 祈りは尽きて
君の甘い面影に 花を敷き詰めて
朽ちてゆける日まで 目を閉じる

灰色の雨 濡れても濡れても
温もりは 僕から消え去ることなく
君の甘い面影に 花を敷き詰めて
朽ちてゆける日まで 目を閉じる


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